Who are community managers? There is a new group of professionals developing in Finland called Community Managers. They work in social media…  Lue lisää

CMADfi + social media – how did we use social media in organising the event. It all started, of course, with Jeremiah Owyang’s blog on 25.1.2…  Lue lisää

Programme CMADfi will take place on Monday 27.1.2014 in the auditorium of the Hämeenlinna University of Applied Sciences, Visamäki Campus.…  Lue lisää

the Finnish #CMAD event was filled in 2 days, 200 participants coming in January. Crazy! #cmadfi

@SomeTime2014 @markosuomi enjoy - #cmadfi You all are doing innovative, fun but hard work!

.@rhappe @markosuomi Would be great to get some international perspective on community mgmt in #CMADfi Seems much bigger in US

@hrry if you are not familiar with our research, that would be a great place to start: http://t.co/VVSQtMx20b cc @markosuomi #CMADfi

@tamcdonald @RobiBrooks we are streaming our event (10-17 GMT+2), maybe we could have a part of it in English, let's see #CMADfi #CMAD

@RichMillington #CMAD events confirmed in #Finland #CMADfi & #Ireland #CMADie. Anything going on in my old motherland? #CMADuk?

Awesome! RT @RobiBrooks: #CMADfi in English is now available. Go on, tell your friends: http://t.co/aYy4UdDO6E #CMAD #CMADie