How did the first CMADfi seminar come about? - Behind the scenes with Johanna Janhonen

CMADfi + social media – how did we use social media in organising the event.

It all started, of course, with Jeremiah Owyang’s blog on 25.1.2010 where he encouraged people to celebrate community managers the world over, “Every fourth Monday of January, let’s take the time to pause, recognize, and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world to improve customer experiences.” (Jeremiah Owyang)

On 27.12.2011 Jeremiah tweeted: “Wikipedia: Community Manager Appreciation Day”

And @jjanhone tweeted: “hi-ho community managers #finland! Should we arrange a meetup to celebrate #cmad?”

The SOITA-project hosted the event at the Tampere University of Technology on 23.1.2012, and a handful of enthusiasts turned up for Finland’s (and Europe’s) 1 st CMAD…

… who all shared the same thought: we have to do this again, BUT BIGGER!

The event was organised for online community managers and other interested parties by using free web tools and social media sites. The organisers were:

· Susanna Heikkinen

· Johanna Janhonen

· Jari Jussila

· Satu Kalliomaa

· Tommi Kiviniemi

· Juha Krapinoja

· Hannu Kärkkäinen

· Pauliina Mäkelä

· Jaana Nyström

· Timo Rainio

· Aino Siippainen

· Marko Suomi

· Seija Suoniemi

And this is how it was done:

· Meetings times were agreed upon in Doodle

· Minutes of the meetings were stored in Google Docs (Google Drive)

· Tasks related to the event were followed up in Trello

· Marketing for the event took place almost entirely in social media

· Registering for the event was via a Google Form

· Very few emails were sent

· The speakers were found via social networks – and, in the spirit of social community, they did this all for free!

· The CMAD sponsors were also found via social networks, and with their help we paid for the venue hire, streaming, food, and bus services from Helsinki to Tampere and back.

· Altogether, 170 people were involved in organising the event

· There were 150 people in the live audience, of which half were community managers

· The organisers wanted to repeat the event so…

· The next venue was chosen via an open Facebook vote

· As were the talks

· Colour-coordinated tables for networking

· The CMAD design was also the result of teamwork, with Maarit Riikonen taking the lead supported by the Facebook team members

· Participants were encouraged to share the event in various social media channels

· CMADfi 2013 was visible on the web via:

o Video streaming (official + Bambuser & Google Hangout)

o Images and microblogging with the #cmadfi hashtag in Twitter, Facebook and Google+

o Blogs & Storify

o YouTube

o And link compilations

· Over 200 people watched the live stream

· In April 2013 there were over 2000 hits on Google

· On the day, there were over 1500 tweets about the event

Next year’s event #CMADfi 2014

The CMADfi 2014 pages are built on the Finnish Flockler platform, where social media content can be easily uploaded.

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